Top 5 Spiritual Places in Ocala

If you're near Belleview or other areas of Ocala you'll notice there is an ecletic mix of spiritually minded people in the local area. Witches, Wiccans, Yoga instructors, and people of all different varieties. Probably due to the mix of culture in the local area due to Florida being a safehaven for all types of spiritual prognosticators.

We decided to compile a list of the Top 5 Spiritual Places in Ocala.

Amrit Yoga Institute

Amrit Yoga Institute is in the Ocala National Forest near Lake Kerr. They're a year-round facility offering education and accreditation in Yogic practices. They offer Yoga living and Yoga consciousness classes, and are a professional organization for Yogic practices. To find out more visit their website.

Fairy Dust Crystals & Such

Fairy Dust Crystals & Such in Belleview offers many spiritual masters teachings with their spiritual assortment of items for sale. Many of the spiritual masters offer their servies such as channeling, mediumship, psychic readings. There is much to learn at this place for a beginner in the spiritual realm. Visit their website for more information.

Soul Essentials of Ocala

Soul Essentials of Ocala is near downtown Ocala and offers services from spiritual practitioners and is reminicient of an antique store dealing with spiritual items. It is good for beginner practictioners of spiritual practices. Visit their website for more information.

Ocala Yoga Center

The Ocala Yoga Center is a great place for hot yoga and different varieties of yoga, or advancement in yogic training. This Yoga practice center has a nice online booking service for quick access to their services, and is one of the premier yoga centers in Ocala. Visit their website to book services.

Tu Viện A Nan

The last one is actually in Gainesville but it couldn't be left off the list because it is a beautiful place that is not highly known. When you visit Tu Viện A Nan Buddhist Temple you'll think you're in a Southeast Asian country but you're actually in Gainesville, Florida. This place boasts beautiful huge Buddhist statues and places to meditate. It is very unique. Visit their Facebook page for more info.

Dustin Terry

Dustin Terry

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