Ocala Fire Tax Lawsuit Leads to Rise in Utility Rates

The City of Ocala used a "Fire Tax" to offset the costs of the fire department in the city on the utilities bill of every resident for over a decade resulting in a lawsuit brought by Discount Sleep of Ocala. The lawsuit was recently won resulting in a $80 million settlement.

Judge rules City of Ocala to repay citizens $79 million dollars for illegally collected fire fee tax
Citizens who live, or previously lived, within the city and paid this fee will soon see refund checks.

In the same month that the City of Ocala has to take out a loan from Truist bank to repay citizens of illegally garnered money to the tune of $80 million the City of Ocala utilities hikes their rates from .028 to .056 per 1000/KWH claiming it is due to "fuel costs." The average home will see a $28 increase from $28.00 per 1000KWH to $56 per 1000KWH. I don't know about you, but I think they'll be getting that illegal tax somehow.

Utility rates to increase for Ocala residents beginning in June
Due to rising fuel costs, utility rates will be increasing for Ocala residents beginning on June 1. A residential customer who uses 1,000 kilowatt hours a month will see an average increase of $28 on their utility bill.

A graph of their projected rates showing from $28.00 to $56.00/1000 KWH.

Dustin Terry

Dustin Terry

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