Lake Weir Subject of Health Alert Due to Blue-Green Algae

In a June 7th report blue-green algae was determined to be a threat to people at Lake Weir. The sample was taken by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

According to, “In water bodies with blue-green algae, if people or animals splash or if boats create wakes, the cyanotoxins in the algae can release into the air. The toxins mix with water droplets and spray — that’s how people and animals can inhale the toxin. These toxins can’t pass through your skin easily, so swallowing large amounts of contaminated water is what causes illness."

Exposure to the blue-green algae can cause “rashes, stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. People who are very sensitive to smells can have respiratory irritation. Sometimes, high exposures of toxin can affect the liver and nervous system,” according to the

Dustin Terry

Dustin Terry

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